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Dedicated High-Speed Access

Current Levels of Service

Effective January 1, 2007

Line Type Monthly Quarterly Annual Setup
1.54M aDSL Home 29.99 359.88 *
1.54M aDSL Business 39.99 479.88 *
3.0M aDSL Business 49.99 599.88 *
6.0M aDSL Business 69.99 839.88 *
1.54M Full "T1" 199.00 1990.00 350.00
Fiber Channel 140.00 1680.00 50.00
Miscellaneous Hourly Half Day Day Rate Trip Charge
Support 45.00 175.00 300.00 35.00
Engineering 70.00 225.00 400.00 35.00
Consultation 120.00 360.00 700.00 35.00


* 199.99 On-Site Install and Equipment - Self Install is no charge.
  • DSL setup includes all hardware and programming
  • Business DSL setup also includes Static IP, setting workstations, but not internal connecting of computers
  • Dedicated Internet Connection - Retail Prices
  • Use Netscape, Mosaic and all other Network Applications
  • All above rates are "bits per second"
  • Mail can be read via POP3/IMAP/WEB
  • Payment by VISA, MC, Discover, check or cash.
  • Access reselling is Not allowed with the retail access account
  • Static IP addresses are available + 10.00/month
  • Setup includes engineering, installation, and programming on both ends, including the Class C and virtual routing setup
  • Does not include the wire cost (Phone Company), wire installation cost or equipment on users end of the connection
  • The user is responsible for all insurance and facilities management at users location
  • Trip Charges are per round trip in the Dayton Ohio Local Calling area
  • Support is installation, maintenance and training on existing packaged software products and hardware
  • Engineering is installation, maintenance and training on new software or hardware
  • Consultation is designing or creating new software or hardware installation

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