CAUTION: The contents of your web page(s) is solely your responsibility. Creating a public web page is considered publishing and you are subject to applicable federal and state laws. Dayton Internet Services Inc. is not in any way responsible for the content of your home page.

Name your home page Welcome.html or index.html and it will be displayed automatically whenever someone accesses your web site. Remember your web pages will not look the same on all computers and/or operating systems.

To Transfer the contents of your home page to your web directory:

To do this, use a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) program such as WS_FTP with a PC or Fetch with a Macintosh to do the transfer. These are free progams and are available in download section of the users only section of our web site. Web browsers, including Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer, will NOT work for this purpose since they do not support non-anonymous logins.

You will need to FTP to using your username and password. This will take you into your directory on the Dayton Internet Services ftp server.

You may use FTP to create subdirectories within your directory, if needed. Once logged into the ftp server, you will have a subdirectory called WWW. This is where you will want to store all files needed for your web page to allow them to be viewable out on the web. You will need to double click on this subdirectory to open it. Then in ws_ftp, find the files needed for your web page on the left side of the window and double click each one to upload it into your WWW directory. In Fetch, click on Put File for each file and upload it.

To view your home page, go to then click on our users and then click on your username, or go directly in your web browser, where username must be replaced with your actual username.

Maintain your home page:

Keep the information on your web pages current. Check your web page periodically to make sure all links work correctly. If you are referencing links other than your own, they may change from time to time. On a regular basis, check the amount of disk space used by your web pages. The easiest way to do this is make sure all files for you web page are stored on your computer in a single directory just for those files. Then check to see the size of that directory on your computer. For a regular dial up account you are allow 10 meg of storage space on our server. If your web site becomes larger than 10Meg, it will take a long time to load.